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The Audition

Ooppps... walang kokontra..

To celebrate anoother milestone in my existence in this planet called Earth, I am currently in need of an escort for my birthday.

I told Marcy, it wouldn't hurt if I'd get myself an escort for the night. Ganito usapan namin:

Marcy: "Oh my God... I am shooooo excited for your birthday.. Mas excited pa ako sa birthday party mo kesa sa operasyon ko. (Marcy's gonna have something tucked on this arm because he's been sick lately. He's currently on LOA from his job.. sigh..)

Me: "I wanna have an escort!".. (of course with conviction!)

Marcy: "Pwede tapos i take-home mo after.. Pwede kaya si Engineer.. Or si Nat!"

Note: Engineer and Nat both work in the same company.

Me: "Kaloka ka naman.. Ayoko maging topic of their conversation noh!"

Allora (oh well, in Italian), I decided to post an audition invite here, hopefully someone might just be interested. In any case. pag wala, oks lang, nangako na si DD a.k.a. Dingdong Dantes na pupunta sya.

Here are the requirements:

1. Male (dapat lang, bawal bading ha!)

2. Between 29- 45 years old (oh yes, kilig ako sa mga "matured", lol.)

3. Korean-looking, Chinese-looking, Japanese-looking.. Italianese... errr.. Italian- looking are most welcome. (Yes, mahilig ako sa mukhang Chekwa at mukhang Diyos. Sabi kasi nila, Italians are god-like..Parang totoo naman!)

4. Sane (kasi gusto ko matino naman kahit papano. Pag medyo slow kasi baka maibuhos ko ang cocktails sa kanya)

5. Mabango (no questions asked... ayoko mag explain!)

6. Kahit di masyado pogi basta Cute.. Cute kumanta.. Cute sumayaw.. Cute magsalita... Cute kumaway.... Cute magpacute... Pwede yan.

7. Preferrably matangkad sana.. pero if ka height ko lang.. pwede naman ako mag compromise.. NO stilettos muna. Flats galore ang drama.

8. Smart---> Eto talaga big deal to.. Wala kasi ako msyado patience sa boring na tao.

9. Funny kasi lagi na lang ako nagpapatawa sana sya naman magpatawa saken, hihihihi!

Ayan ha, sana di naman kalabisan yang mga gusto ko. Pagbigyan nyo na ko... Birthday ko naman eh...

Oh guys, may kilala ba kayo? Pa audition nyo na ha.. First week next month ang birthday ko.. Promise, may kiss from me hahahhaha!

And oops.. wag kamo matakot.. Wala sa plan ko mag take home ng lalaki...

Hmmm..... Pero pag sya ang may balak saken... Open naman ako sa suggestion ... *wink*

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Cairo, Egypt

Should I stay or go?

K.. One of those wonderful people I've met from my Beijing trip last August has invited me to come to Cairo..

Okay, now you ask.. Cairo? As in Cairo, Egypt? Yes everyone, I got this lovely and tempting invite to come to Egypt. K promised to be my lovely host while I am there. I was thinking whether I should merge this trip with my planned Italian adventure but I am unsure what's the best way to do it. And of course, all these are but plans.


It all depends once I survive my Schengen visa application next year. Having a Filipino passport sometimes can be a hassle. But just keep the faith. Otherwise, I can always go back to Beijing, lol!

K said a trip to the Red Sea is a real adventure I should not miss. Now all I need is a good plan, passport, visa, swimwear, sunblock and a smile.

And of course, LOTS of moolah! Geez!

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China in my Eyes

My Chinese Attempts...

As you know by now, I was in Beijing four (4) times already. Twice last year and then twice this year!!! China is one of the top places I wanted to visit. And it came true and I even took that PAL flight eight (8) times. I am amazed as to how this country very rich in culture has become what it is now. You see, few years ago, China wasn’t that “big”. According to my Chinese friend, Pat, for many years, they literally closed their doors to western culture. Too cautious not to destroy their heritage.

But since times are changing, and so is China. I am truly fascinated how many tall buildings you can see in Beijing. It has become an avenue of “East meets West” simply because you will see a lot of foreigners lurking around the city. Beijing city is a huge square. From what I know, there are at least four(4) Ring Roads. What a nice way to design a city, don’t you think?


Here are the things i truly enjoyed in Beijing:

* There are a lot of huge parks in this city. i like walking around the park, bringing with me my fave book and enjoying the sun. And no, it wasn’t hot… in fact i had three(3) jackets in me. And I still feel cold at that.


* I like Chinese food, although my mafia would disagree with me on this part. He’s not a fan of anything in Chinese you know. I like it because it’s spicy and most of them are healthy. Seldom do you see overweight Chinese, right?

* There are wonderful places to visit like Great Wall, Summer Palace, Bird’s Nest, Water Cube, etc. Most of these places are very historical, mind you. I have seen trees from Summer Palace as old as 400 years old. Wow!


* There are lots of trees around the city. I didn’t know I could appreciate nature that much except when I was in Beijing. Even the falling of a leaf, I enjoyed too much, hahaha:)

* Shopping is great. Lots of great finds.

Oh well, I must add those which I liked the least:

* Communication is quite a challenge. Less people speak English so be prepared to bring your little translation book when you go out. If in case you forgot it, approach a foreign-looking guy and that should do the trick.

* I mentioned shopping is great but mind you, bargaining is a MUST. If they tell you the price of an item, start your bid from the lowest you can imagine. If they don’t call you back again after leaving the stall, bid a little higher when you see the same item from another place.

* Some restaurants do not have english menus! Geez… but your fingers might give you a miracle by pointing on the dishes’ names and pray that it’s not monkey brain served in your plate!

* Chinese spit almost everywhere… so be careful. Either walk ahead of them or make your presence felt by wearing your flamenco shoes so it does not leave you unnoticed.

* China is called People’s Republic of China (PRC) but now it does have a new name: People’s Republic of Counterfeit. This is because everything is being manufactured in China. And the counterfeits are everywhere. Quality can be so bad so be really careful. Even medicines can be faked.

* Super, uber coldness to the highest! In some days, the temperature can reach -12 degrees. This is China, remember!

But overall, I had a fantastic time in China. I am definitely coming back. I have always liked China. There was never any bad experience from a Chinese except when I was in a flight to Beijing when this Chinese gay give me a stern look after putting my laptop bag in the overhead cabin.

I am by the way, Chinese by affinity—- only because people always ask me if I am Chinese. My oriental looks simply work on my advantage. If I can only speak Mandarin, my transformation can be complete!

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My 500 Days of Summer

Repost from my old blog...


“Boy meets girl… Boy falls in love.. Girl doesn’t.” — (500) Days of Summer)

After watching (500) Days of Summer. I knew it. It would be my favorite movie for the next 6 months..Oh well maybe a year.. or 10 years? I don’t know. I just liked it. I really did.

Similar thing happened to me sometime ago. Girl meets boy… Girl falls in love. Boy doesn’t. I never fully understand heartache and its significance to one’s life until I got my heart broken.

As they say when a guy tells you he isn’t looking for a commitment, repeat it to a friend or write it down. That forces you to accept that he means it…. and he does. I wished I knew that line long before my “summer” days have started. But looking back, I feel it’s all worth it.

This movie reminded me that every heartache is worth the experience.. Whether you have loved and lost, what matters most is that you loved truly and deeply. Back in the old days, I tried really hard.. Almost too hard that I never really understood what’s going on.

Like the main character in the movie, I was happy and sad. I loved and hated him at the same time. I smiled and cried. I said hello and said goodbye. It started too soon but had to end so quick. It was never meant to be.

The irony of liking someone and when he/ she doesn’t like you back is that you always keep a small amount of hope that soon he would change his mind. And you wait.. and wait. and wait. But it never came.

Then you start to think whether you are crazy or just stupid. Of course you wouldn’t choose either one just to justify your action.

In the movie Summer said that love is a fantasy. Maybe it is. But in the end she was proved wrong since she found her true love and ended up getting married. The main guy character was left with no choice but to move on.

Sometime ago I had to do the same. It was painful. Really painful. Terrible. Really terrible.

But I guess like each morning, there comes another day. To start anew and start our own “summer” all over again. There is hope. There is love.

I don’t think it’s fantasy. Just believe. And it will come to you.

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Viva Italia

My Italian Attempts


On why I want to become an Italian? No reason except I feel a very strong connection with Italians... Err.. hmmm... Especially with Italian men, lol.


Long ago, I always wanted to travel and Italy came as one of the places I want to see next to Greece (I always had this thought that Greek men are... so.. so.... H-o-T!.. Complete with the smoke effect of course!). And Italian men are so goodlooking you wanna bring home one when you get to see them.

Someone told me that on her trip to Italy, she saw lots of goodlooking Italians even when they do the dirty jobs (i.e. basureros, contruction worker, tubero, etc.). However, the closest Italian men fever I had was with M and I still think up to now that his Italian accent is so cute. Carino--> that's how you say cute in Italian. Of course if you want to tag a girl as cute, you'd say "Carina".

So anyways, I am hoping and desperately praying that all the gods and my lucky stars would connive to bring me to Italy next year. The sad part is, yes.. I had to pay for that trip hahahha.. But I don't mind. All for the love of Italy.

In fact, I enrolled myself in an Italian class to jumpstart my transformation to become an Italian woman. I am having fun with my Italian class. Almost that I wanna make a serious career out of it*wink*..

If I get to meet a smoking hot Italian complete with a six-pack, that would be a bonus.

Viva Italia!

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My First Attempt to be a Print Ad Model

I didn't know this part of me exists...

Do you wanna see how I measured when I was asked to do a print ad early this year?

Now check this out..

I wanna say many thanks to colleague, Mon for this awesome, pretty, cute, lovely and all-the-adjectives-you-can-think-of pic.

Grazie mille, Signore Mon..

Maybe next time, I'd do some VTR's.. Watchathink? Hmmmm..

And yes, people.. That's a metal fork in my mouth..


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Party Like a Rockstar

How we partied like there's no tomorrow

Last Saturday was my good friend Meg's birthday..She is my travel buddy when we went to Cebu and Bohol. We were officemates few years ago in HSBC..At ayaw nya mag celebrate. Pinasara nya lang naman ang isang bar sa Tomas Morato..


That's me and Meg during our Cebu- Bohol trip!

Yong aka Beb is one of my closest friends. Sa pagmamahal nya sakin, sinundan nya ako paglipat ko from HSBC hahahaha... Ganun kame magmahalan... Suportahan ba. Nung una, pupunta daw sya... then sabi nya since di daw na credit ng maaga yung pay namin, wag na lang daw. I told him he should come because it's gonna be Meg's special day.

In short, nakarating si Beb pero ang catch may dalang "bodyguard" na sobrang kulit. Hinihila yung bag ko at kung anu ano pa ginagawa. Feeling ko pinagseselosan yata ako ng SO nya hahahha...At kung anu ano sinasabi sakin. Buti na lang nakatulog ako after my Italian class dahil kung hindi..Hmmmmmmp...Bakit daw tumaba ako, blah blah blah..Eh ano naman if chubby ako? Madami naman akong pera hahahahaha! Syempre joke lang yun.. pero sige, half meant un lol!

It was a great time to see old faces. I sooo miss my HSBC friends. If not for the opportunity to learn something new, I would not have left them. But the risk-taker that I am, I took the risk. And now looking back, I feel it's worth it.

Nakita ko si Archie, tawa ako ng tawa. Archie is a a certified PG (oppps... hindi patay gutom ha.. Kundi PA GIRL, lol).. pero wag ka, ang ganda nya soobra! Antagal ko na sya di nakita. Almost 2 yrs na.. Basta ang saya saya ko dun..May emo moments pa kame sa labas ng bar sa tabi ng 7-11. Ang daming cutie na dumadaan di ko alam if saken nagagandahan or kay Archie. Syempre feeling ko saken sila nakatingin. Hahahaha!


Yan si Archie------> Ang ganda noh! May cleavage pa.. Bongga!

Eto na si JB-- ang ganda ng lola mo. Mukhang tinamad mag ayos. Ang konti konti mag make up..Ni walang false eyelashes at eyeshadow. At muntik ko lang naman syang mapagkamalang birthday celebrant.


Sino magsasabi na nag effort si JB... Di pa sya nakapaghanda nyan!

Ang dameng magagandang tao nung gabing yun. People I haven't seen for such a long time. Happiness is priceless sabi nga nila. Totoo yun.

Napadami yata ako sa cocktails, kasi nalasing ako. I don't drink at all but sometimes (minsan lang ha?), I like the feeling of being drunk. You can lose yourself and come back sane the next day. But of course drink moderately. Otherwise you are setting up yourself in even bigger troubles.

Which makes me think that I want to throw a party for myself too, hehehhe... Oo gusto ko din mag debut hahahahha! I want to invite the people I love and miss. If I can get a place, then we'll see.

I feel blessed to have great, wonderful friends. Kaya to Marcy na di nakarating, pumunta ka sa party ko.. Of course if matuloy.. If hindi, baka sa Jollibee ko na lang sila invite.. May mascot pa..

Boun Compleano, Signorina Meg! Ci Vediamo!


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What Not To Write

And I am still contemplating...

all seasons in one day 28 °C

What not to write???!!! Seriously..

Well, I made this blog as my avenue for my passion for writing.. I am supposed to think about the things I wanna write about but instead I am thinking what not to write..

Well, I am thinking about it because I don't want this blog to be a "blow by blow" account of my personal and "public" careers hahahaha! I write because I want to and many years ago, all I really wanted was to become a writer. But since mum told me I would probably take the risk of not being able to pay my rent as a struggling writer, I decided to change mind.

No, I don't regret anything at this point. In fact, I am glad I mustered some strength to become a "Contabile". In Italian, that's how they call "Accountants". But my Italian friend tells me something else.

In few days, I will write about almost anything. Whether it's an intelligent topic or the most stupid thing, I simply don't care.

As they say in Rome: "Parla come magni.."

Translation: Say it like you eat it..


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