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Highway Date

Labas tayo..", isang kaibigan.. In English.. let's go out. San ba, tanong ko. "Andito ako malapit sa street nyo." Sya ulit. Pinaayos nya daw kasi kotse nya.

"Teka kala ko ba, you will text me in the morning if matutuloy tayo. I didn't get a text from you so I thought it was cancelled." eh yun naman kasi usapan namin dati.

"Ganun??!!! Eh kala ko ba ikaw magtetext sa akin."

Sumakit ulo ko. Pag ganito na usapan, tinatamad na ako. Parang bading. Parang di lalaki. Mas mabilis pa syang mag inarte kesa sa akin.

Turn off. Minus 10,000 pogi points.

Ano na?? Pangungulit nya ulit.. If you want, meet lang tayo sandali, sunduin kita. Coffee tayo sa Rockwell then ihatid kita after an hour.

Ano yun? Mukha ba akong one-hour massage parlor? Parang napadaan lang. Parang highway robbery. Mabilisan..

Ang kaibahan lang, gusto nyang bigyan ko sya ng oras. Hindi nya nanakawin. Hinihingi nya sa akin.

Sumagot ako..


Di ako pwede.

Then sabi nya: "Okay lang."

Potek... Anong akala nya sa akin... Karinderyang bukas sa lahat ng gustong kumain???!!

Kaumay.. Yun ang tamang adjective sa kanya.

Meron pa palang iba....


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Remember Me?

How life can be so kulit..

"Remember me?', said a text message. Then I said to myself: "And who is this person?".

"This is S.. we've met few weeks ago." Ayun si S naman pala. Si S until now di ko alam bakit nahumaling sakin. Sa totoo lang, di ko sya type.. Oo feeling ako. Feelingera. Eh ganun talaga, alangan namang gustuhin mo din lahat ng may gusto sayo, di ba?

Nag aaya. Coffee daw. Natatakot ako.. Hindi dahil sa kanya. Kundi dahil sa ano pwede kong magawa sa kanya. Feeling ko kasi maniac. Parang lang naman... Di talaga ako sure dyan..

Ayoko kasi nang inaamoy amoy ako lalo at di naman kita jowa.

So sinabi ko..


May Italian class ako..


Kyeme hei...

Kahit ano na lang.

Basta may masabi.

And ending eto sagot nya: "Di bale, text kita ulit next week ha?"

Talaga naman.

Ang ganda ko daw kasi..:)

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Buon Compleano Signorina

Partied till we dropped... dropped like it was hot!!

And here it is, the much awaited pics from my birthday last month.. I was too busy with the holidays that I didn't have time to blog about my party..

Initially, I didn't plan on having a party. All I wanted for my birthday was a new laptop or a smart phone with the qwerty pad hehehhehehe... But seeing Meg's party and how fabulous it was, I told myself, I am definitely throwing one for my birthday. And boy oh boy was I satisfied with the outcome that I am considering another party this year, hehehehe!

Here are some of the pics:

The venue:


I really liked how the tables were neatly arranged.. I was feeling as if I was in Bora:)


I fell in love instantly:) Who can resist this scene????!!?


Sigh again...


And mind you, the food is really great in this place.. Thumbs up!!!


I was feeling really good that night (though I was sick) so I decided to wear two (2) outfits.. Baket ba.. moment ko to noh!


Kathrina was one of the early birds.. She is my friend from my Italian class..Grazie mille Kathrina for coming:)


My second outfit with some of my favorite girls (Meg and Leng)


Really really good friends I truly miss. Thanks Jeoff and Ann for coming. Means so much to me..



And we just couldn't resist doing our own version of America's Next Top Models. So here it is!


And again...


Basta super happy ang birthday ko.. I can't wait till my next birthday celebration..

Just that I thought I owned the night, there was one person who "briefly" stole it from me..

It's Sailor Moon (aka Archie):)


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The Adventures of an Italian Babe

A little of everything that comes to mind


I call myself Italian Babe because I like the sound of it, harharhar!

But don't you worry, I will and shall set my foot in the land of pasta, pizza, Puccini, and parmesan. Para que pa na nag aaral ako ng Italian di ba?

Kaya lang I have this dilemma.. Between Yoga and Italian I am torn. You see, I was bent on taking Yoga classes this year since I thought there's not gonna be a class in the PM (I get off at 10am) on business days.. But lo and behold, Kathrina (another Italian babe) confirmed the class is a go. Now, not sure how to cancel my Yoga classes (I figured I must to choose between the two of them soon). I am making a call out to my angels....Please help:)

On a another note, I recently met someone... Hmmm.. not really a date but a simple meeting. And no, he isn't Italian (sorry guys..).. But after much thinking, I realized, I am not looking at him the way my heart wants to look at him. In short, I just want us to be friends. Before could even start, just died a natural death. End of story.

I guess the adventures of the Italian babe continues...

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Fat Fingers

and poor eyes too

I made a mistake of deleting my last entry:(

So sorry I have a poor sight and fat fingers...:(

But I'll write soon...

I promise...

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AJA And What It Truly Means To Me

Must I propel or drive forward ...

Yesterday I posted my favorite byline to date in my FB status: "Eat.... Pray & Love... but don't forget to flirt a little."

I got a comment from my good friend Meg something which says: "AJA". It means to propel or drive forward. Very well said indeed.

I watched how Oprah mentioned that the book called Eat.. Pray & Love has inspired many women around the world and I thought I should not miss this one. Turned out, Meg already has that book. She mentioned it to me while we were travelling in Cebu last year. And so I found this book in a National Bookstore in the Queen City of the South and started reading it soon after.

I was not disappointed. I am not going to post a review of that book simply because I want to blog about it in another entry.

Now back to my FB status, Meg had to remind me of a wonderful word from Elizabeth Gilbert: Aja..

So my dear friend Meg, thank you for reminding me of this inspiring word.

As it is already 2010, I am moving on.... I must to propel or drive forward...


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Happy New Year!!!

In Italian, they say: " Boun Anno".. (Hala.. tama ba?!!)

Happy New Year everyone... I am writing this from my Makati apartment.. Alone and sleepy..:)

I haven't had sleep since I got off from work and decided to visit one of my favorite places... G4.. I visited a doctor to check on my favorite friend called, "Migraine"... I was asked to come back next week..

Anyhow, I had Japanese food with so much gusto for my late lunch. Sure I was tired but at 7pm, malls had to close and forgot to grab some Krispy Kreme Donuts.... I am planning to bring some for my nephews and nieces.

And so I ended up buying some chocolates to save my day. I don't wanna be seen by the kids without anything for them. That's a no- no..

I am about to sleep in a while. Yes, this is what I am planning to do to spend my New Year's eve..

I survived Christmas last time... this is no different.

Tomorrow I am going to see happy faces again...:)

Happy New Year to all!

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On how my official birthday invite looked like

I know it's too late to blog about my birthday celebration last December 5th in a restobar in Makati but the Christmas season has taken its toll on me, I skipped writing about it. My party was in a bar called 360 Restobar (ThreeSixty); I had the 3rd floor literally for myself and my friends... Special thanks to Bong Velasco for being nice and accommodating.

I promise to write about how was it in my next entry as I am still busy preparing for New Year. To all who came and partied with me till 5am, may God bless you and I'll see you all next year!

Anyways, here's a sneak peak of how my invite looked like. This was scattered all over Facebook and personal email to my closest friends:

Salve a Tutti!

I am turning a year "younger" so please consider this as an official invite to my AFTER- DINNER festa:

Quando: December 5th 2009, Saturday, 10PM onwards
Dove: 360 Resto Bar
2/F A.Venue Mall, Makati Avenue
Makati City

Extremely Important: This is a themed-party so please come in your most fabulous PURPLE/ LAVENDER outfit.

Note: Anyone who deviates from the theme color (PURPLE/ LAVENDER) would be kicked out by the big guy at the venue. This is serious. So please comply.

Also if you are planning to bring someone who is not on the guest list, let me know.. I'd probably say no:)

In any case, let's party till the break of dawn.. Drink till we drop. Drop like it's hot...


Please RSVP on or before Friday, November 27 ......:)

Ci Vediamo!

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Cafe Puccini & The Diether Ocampo Experience

I got startstrucked hahahaha!!!

My Italian class is finally over and to make it more memorable, my "Italian" friends and I agreed to have dinner at Cafe Puccini at the Fort right after class. I was on another "hosting" job and failed to make it to my actual class. But of course I don't plan on missing the fun to see them before we go our separate ways.

This is our "class" picture. I missed Luis (who always liked to tease me to death about Italian men.. He had to leave soon due to prior appointment) and only remembered I had my DC seconds after Signorina Vanessa left.. Sorry Vanessa:)


Can you honestly spot the difference??? I guess not!!


It was indeed Christmas as before I could even blink an eye, Diether was in front of us offering a handshake. It turned out, Kathrina, my classmate knew him as they both work in the same station.

Our conversation was sort of like this:

Kathrina: "Diet, I'd like you to meet, Signora Pilar. She is from New York. "

Diet: (extending a handshake)... "Nice to meet you."

Kathrina: "This is Cris, she is from Thailand; Vanessa from OZ and....."

Me: "Jolly (as in Jollibee) from MAKATI!"

Diet had to repeat Makati to make sure he wasn't dreaming. Yes Diet, you heard it right, I am a Makati girl:)

And to highlight the night I came face to face with a famous Filipino actor; I asked him if I can have a pic taken with him. Diet immediately put his arm around me as if I own Jollibee:)

Here's a prima facie evidence of my Diether Ocampo experience:


Now it's beginning to sound like Christmas...

PS: By the way, I had to tell Kathrina I always had a huge crush on JLC (as in Joh Lloyd Cruz, hehehehe..)

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Yana and the Legend of an Irate Mommy

Patience is indeed a virtue

Yana is six, but sometimes she sounds like she's 36. She is very smart graduating first honors from her kindergarten class. She sounds bitter if she can but can be very charming most of the time.

Because she's very articulate, she can give her mom (my sister) a good fight. And I mean a good fight. You see Yana had trouble eating since she was young until now. As if she would die of heart attack when a spoon goes into her mouth. And the argument goes on and on until her mom loses her patience and threatens to land her hands on her butt.

Every meal is a struggle, I dare not to switch places with my sister when this time happens. I see my sister loses her patience and starts fuming. Yanna would start running as if it's a situation she never sees coming. This happens almost everyday I am starting to think whether I am ready to become a mother one day and deal with all of these.

I always tell myself I am going to be a good mother. But honestly, I don't know if I am going to be. The legend of an irate mommy always reminds me I could look like that in few years..


PS: Here's Yana in her most daring outfit to date..


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What To Do When You are Down with Migraine

I am calling the doctor very quick


What to do when you are feeling down? My mind tells me you should find me in my bed. But here I am, facing my computer stucked at work.

I am suffering from extreme headache as I write this entry. Yesterday, I had to literally bring myself to Makati Med straight from my flight (I was in Bicol the day after Christmas visiting dad) as the pain was throbbing I wanted to vomit. It started the first night and after 2 Advils and 1 Dolfenal, I was still a mess. I decided to visit a local hospital hoping the doctor can inject some pain killer in my vein to stop the pain.

I was injected with Tramadol but the pain wouldn't go away completely. Evening came and still the same scenario. I had to go to bed feeling that escalating pain in my head.

In the morning, I had to rush to the airport but could not wait till I reach Manila so I can go to Makati Med to have myself checked. And was given some pain killer; slept in the afternoon, and woke up still feeling sick.

48 hours and still counting... This is the worst migraine attack I've ever had.

If this would go on and on, I am definitely bringing my clothes to Makati Med.

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A Good Night Kiss

It was ten in the morning
Had to catch a flight back home
Your eyes were glued, tell me
Where do I start.. where do I end
We spent thirty months discovering
I guess this is it, isn't it?
I cried too many
Not even a word has been uttered
The tears were heavy, my heart was sinking
I don't want to go, I wanted to stay
You said fate will decide the next time around
I told you, no, I wanted to tell you now
How much I care
I picked up my bags, I was ready to go
I have to leave my heart with you
Please understand if I miss you more than you do
You held my hand and I opened the door
I gave a lonely smile with my red eyes
My heart was again sinking, I had to go
I had to kiss you..
Kiss you goodnight

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Claim to Fame

What a Surprise

Surprise.. Surprise... I made it to the who's who in the recent Timex Run Rioo. Yeah!

And everyone... here's my claim to fame...

Drum roll please. ..


This is a stolen shot.. If they told me they are planning something huge for me even way better than my "audition" pic as a print ad model, I should have reminded myself to empty my makeup kit.. A little eyeshadow wouldn't hurt too.. And of course, touch of gloss..

But hey, this is running. Sweaty face is IN!


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Post Script

Cheer me up... Cheer me up!

"A huge kiss to the best person ever."-- Futuro Ex

I don't know what to say.. I simply don't know. And for that I opted not to say anything. Nothing. I resisted the urge to hit that "reply" button. Instead, I went back to my usual day of doing my thing.

I went back to his email.. "The last few weeks have been very tough for me, and sorry also if it seems I pushed you away, but I didn’t." Before I knew it, the throbbing pain was escalating. I refuse to even think reading his letter was a good idea afterall.

Have you ever got a message from someone you cared for and yet you don't know how to respond? As they say, some things are better left unsaid. I am usually like this after trying too much to explain how I feel. And it just happens.. I start refusing to further explain. I get tired. I get disappointed. And yes, sometimes it makes me cry:(

I've always had trouble with people who could not keep their promises. In this aspect, I am very childlike. If you promise to do something and yet you failed to do it-- it makes me feel pain right into my heart. And most of the time, I don't mention it. I just don't have the heart to talk about it as it would eventually break my heart into pieces.

I read something like.. " I am successful because I know when to quit!".

I guess I better be consistent in doing it.

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Timex Run Rio

There is no shame in walking

I just finished Timex Run Rio this morning and twas fun. But too bad, didn't catch a glimpse of Piolo P... Hahahaha.. yes I was curious to see him in flesh.

Here are our pics from that run:


That's moi in full battle gear... Do I look so sporty.. *wink*


Inka and Moi striking a pose before starting our run...


Oh well, since I didn't see Piolo in flesh, here's a fair substitute...:)

Till our next run!

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