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Ain't No Perfect

Nobody is and that includes me....


Seldom do I get angry or mad. I seldom lose my temper. People ask me how in the world can I beat the odds of getting palpitation and smoking ears. And I tell them- it takes a lot of practice, practice, and practice.

But hey- I am not perfect. When I say I seldom get mad or angry, that is true. But there are quite few times that I get disappointed. I used the term disappointed because to me, this word has the most effect than being angry or mad.

I had been disappointed so many times and last night was no different. When my heart cannot articulate how I feel, I need to stop and revisit my files of positivity.

I am no expert on life's experiences, but in my own definition, disappointment stems from any form of attachment be it with a person, material things, relationships, habit or even situation. And all I thought I am not going to be disappointed that soon. But I guess, the wheels have turned and decided I need to be around it.

I am disappointed- yes. But I am not mad. I always say this to myself: When I am not happy about a situation or a person, I just move on.

I am not going to promise never to be disappointed again. This is inevitable when one remains hopeful. And I still think that life is beautiful no matter what. With that slightest chance of hope- there is trust. Trust that in the end, the true beauty of each situation will for sure come out.

I am not going to blog about disappointment again. This will be the first and last.

I swear.

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Buon Compleano, Mrs. T.

A very happy birthday from Manila to Tokyo


Today- I am going to write how much I miss this girl. She's my travel buddy. My skype-date. My Fb- date. My shopping buddy. One of the very few people who listens when I start talking nonsense. My favorite transient in my cluttered apartment. And the list can go on and on and on.

Her birthday was on the 2nd but since there is this thing called "job" which keeps me busy, my greeting was only limited to an FB wall post on that day and was unable to find our old pics together, hehehehee:)...

This was taken during one of our beach trips....


And this was on our last beach trip together in Coron, Palawan...


We always say we miss each other. And ends up saying we miss each other more, hehehehe:)

A very happy birthday, Khimmy... From the streets in Manila to Makati and all the way to Tokyo where you are, I am sending all my love and best wishes. I missed your Hawaii wedding and I felt sad big time.

How is your Tokyo drift going on so far? And I am sure you are enjoying being married to Mr. T. Thanks for the gift of friendship and the many things we shared.

I love you, Ateng! Ci vediamo, Bella:)....

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Come away with me, please?


So I am flying: PVG- PEK. Grazie, Cheks:)....

I need some self- lovin... I need some quiet time... I need a simple break...

My back is aching and so is my brain.

Been constantly thinking about this....


I need some holiday. Or I will lose my sanity at anytime (hahahaa!)...

So I am hoping I could wear my boots soon in.........


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Which is Which?

Short or long do


In 2008- I decided to go short. A new job could mean a new cut! I kept it short for like a year!

I figured, it was a perfect time to change my do. I've always worn my hair long. But I don't have problems cutting it if and when the time comes. Change is good- eh?

But just last year, I started growing my hair again. Time for another change- I guess:).....

So from short do in 2008/ 2009:


To this in 2010:


So which is which? Okay- when I see my nieces, I am going to ask them.

But so far- I like my perm. I look less ordinary hahahahhaha!

But because I have my China visa ready, I am going to shut up now.

I promise.

Ni hao everyone!

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Manila/ Shanghai/ Beijing


I know I have very few days to make a good plan. But over the weekend, China was in my dreams. So vivid that I am starting to miss the unclear skies of Beijing and the humidity that never stops.

I flipped through the pages of my old files and found these first few pics of the very China trip. I look funny with my short "do" but anyways I think I look way way better this time (hahaha!)..






Coolness. My boots are ready:).....

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The Taipei Drift

Amazing Taiwan in all its glory


As promised- here are the pics from my Taipei trip in August. As I've said before, I really thought there are not much to see in this country up north of the Philippines. But I was surprised. Nevertheless, the next time I come to Taiwan- I'll make sure to make a trip to the countryside.

By the way, grazie mille Ryan for these wonderful pics:)











That's all for now. I am currently down with migraine since this morning when I woke up. This isn't nice. It's killing me:(

So I'll touch base with you- Blog when I am perfectly normal (haha!)...

Ciao a tutti!

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The China Visa Experience

There's always a first time


I am writing this from my apartment. After eternal hours of long queue at the China embassy- I was able to apply one by myself!

I used to have a travel agent do this China visa for me but when they told me I had to shell out 3K for handling and visa fees, I said, "No way!". I can buy about 3 pairs of leggings from F21 by that moolah:)... And since I am really, really, and really trying to be frugal to be able to afford a Euro trip next year, I decided to do it on my own.

Well the experience isn't bad at all. Killing time, is! So I decided to drop by at my bank, do some of my transactions, went to Rockwell to get my pairs of Air Optix. Then back to the embassy. When I came back, I saw 172. Mine was 177. Not bad, eh?

It only took me a minute to end my encounter with the visa officer who asked me to come back on 11/3. Sweet!

Anyways- I still got some planning to do. And since my work takes so much of my time these days, I hope my planning would end few days before I start packing and hop on that plane.

The route is:

  • Flight from MNL to PVG
  • Spend 2 days in PVG (Shanghai)
  • Train or fly from PVG to PEK (Beijing)
  • PEK to MNL

I am planning to see Great Wall again. Let's see if I would have time when I get there hahahaha!

In the meantime- my eyes are pluffy, time to get some Zzzzzzz...

Ci Vediamo!

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Taipei on August Summer

How Taipei caught me by surprise.


I didn't know much about Taiwan except that when I was a sophomore in high school, my Social Studies teacher out of the blue asked what was its old name. I got so excited and raised my hand to exclaim, “Formosa” to the delight of my teacher! Very very surprised indeed how I knew that information. Well- thanks to my mom (who happened to be a Social Studies teacher herself). She used to have a huge world map and I see Taiwan just above the Philippines and I picked it up from this flat map.

And who would forgot the famous Meteor Garden? Dao Ming Zu and San Chai made everyone glued on their TV sets! F4 fever everywhere!

Taipei is a city just like any other cities in the world. Busy, lots of people during rush hours, friendly smiles and cool places too. I was fortunate to have 2 friends from work join me in this travel. The fact is- this is my first time to travel with friends outside the Philippines. You see, while some people abhor solo travels, I have a different feeling. I like it. I get to practice my survival skills in an unknown city.

The thing about solo travelling is it can be a liberating and stressful activity all at the same time. The thing I like about being alone is that I only have to worry for myself and blame myself when shit happens:)

But of course- to travel with friends can be fun too. There is someone you can ask to take your pictures and even carry your bag if you feel like dying, hahahaha..

5J’s flight to most Asian cities arrive during midnight. This is hard as you would need to arrange your transfer from airport or decide to pay huge bucks to airport taxis. This trip however- Ryan decided to use the hostel’s pick up service for 1,000 Taiwan Dollar. Not bad. Safe, fast and roomy for all 3 of us.

I scored some Skinfood items (but these thingamajigs are way cheaper in Seoul- just I forgot to stock a lot!). I also had some shirts from Shillin Market and a printed skirt.

I saw some cool shoes but I had no plans in adding any in my shoe collection yet. I need to save some moolah for future travels. But scoring some items in places such as Taipei isn't bad. Something to remind you. And I found it not too expensive as well.

I will post some of the pics soon. I realized can't post them yet now since I am not at home.

Oh God- I miss my bed:)

Buona Notte!

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Welcome to the land of K-pop, BB Creams, koreanovelas, Skinfood and many more!

And so I already crossed this plan out of my to-do list 2 months before my Korean visa expires. And so I was contented to just fill my minds with memories of what could have been. And pretty much I was getting too good at it that I almost believed the Seoul trip was over. But no- I was not prepared to be even surprised!

So in one hot summer day of June, I met someone who told me all about Seoul and the many things he likes to do while in Seoul. So I roamed around the pages of my mind and constantly telling myself- I gotta gotta experience Seoul real time! And I mean it like there's no tomorrow!

I had only a week before my visa expires. So I ended up checking the 5J's flight and was so disappointed I had to shell out about 17K for the ticket alone. Gosh- not cheap eh? But what the heck. I am always good in not planning that much--- errr.... even not planning at all (this habit I am trying, really trying to change. I need to be less spontaneous, you know!). So in the afternoon 7 days before my flight, I found myself clicking that "Confirm" button and in an instant I was 17K poorer:(...

But my heart was happy. I have always liked Seoul. What a wonderful plan to come and visit this place in nothing but my passport, contacts, laptop and guts.

In a surprising twist- I had to take the subway more than I could even remember. In Beijing, I remembered trying the subway only for about 2- 3 times and I gave up. But this time, I was even more excited to try this thing they call "metro". So on the night I set foot in Seoul, just before Saturday midnight strikes, I was trying to dissect Seoul's subway and was scared that I had to cut my train trip few stops as some of the stations are closed already. But no problem, the taxis are way way better than those in Beijing or in Taipei. They have GPS!!!!! What a wonderful thing it was!

The next day, I braved the Seoul City Tour bus and found it the cheapest and most efficient way to get a feel of the city. Imagine about 68 stops (I hope I am right) but doesn't cost you an arm and a leg.

Here are the pics taken in Seoul and the craziness I've been to:

Seoul Tower Peak

Seoul Tower Peak





Seoul Tower

Seoul Tower




Korean Barbecue

Korean Barbecue


Reunited after 5- 6 years???? (Ganun na ba katagal Joeff?!!!)

Reunited after 5- 6 years???? (Ganun na ba katagal Joeff?!!!)

And finally.... my Korean haul (Yihaaaaa!)....

And finally.... my Korean haul (Yihaaaaa!)....

In summary, my Seoul searching was a blast:

  • Seeing Joeff (we used to work 5- 6 yrs ago I think) made me very happy.
  • Sampling streetfood (and came back alive!), Hahahaa.. Okay, but that was sooooo yummy!
  • I went crazy seeing all those hauls I can take home to Manila--- waaaaah:P
  • Getting lost in a busy Seoul street and yet finding my way back (awesome, good job!)
  • Meeting some friends from Seoul and amazing subway trip to Gangnam.
  • And that I will forever be thinking about this Seoul trip even when I am sixty.

Grazie, Seoul.. See you, real soon!

PS: My Taipei trip- next!

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KOTR 2010

Adidas King of the Road Run

I braved running alone... Only because Ryan wasn't able to make it (he had to work on a Saturday night- geez!). And so I was there with the rest of the 5,000 5KM runners in that fateful(?) Sunday morning.

Actually- it wasn't bad at all. I always thought running without my good friends would leave me bored and sad. Well except for some few photo ops I really missed courtesy of my "official" photographer Ryan, (bdw, Ryan takes beautiful pics), I enjoyed my solo time.

Here are the thoughts which were running in my mind while making my way up to the finish line:

  • I miss my bed (even after 14 hours of sleeping) the day before
  • What to do after the run?
  • Thinking of my pile of laundry cleanly scattered in one corner of my apartment and how I am too lazy to do my thing:P
  • My cramping legs only 10 minutes in the run
  • My upcoming trip and I haven't even had the time to plan really, and I mean really really good
  • To take the train or fly from PVG to PEK
  • I am missing home

Yeah I am missing home. I need some old familiar faces.

Anyways- I was glad I had the exciting part of the run. I had free frozen yogurt courtesy of Red Mango. And of course I must say that I spent few times walking during the run.

In life- sometimes you just have to stop running. Walking is fun too.


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I am already awake and enthusiastic

Okay- Blog, sorry I have been away for sometime. I know I had been very, very, very bad for the past few months of my life. I left without saying goodbye. Or maybe- the truth is I could not say the proper goodbye.

I struggled to find balance and I am slowly getting my groove back.

I have been away for many months. I had some travels which I wanted to share and introduce you to some great people I've met along the way.

I will be in my best behavior. And no- I won't promise again. As they say, just do it!

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2010 Century Tuna Superbods Run

Who's Afraid of Running?


Definitely I am not! The term "run" conveys a lot of meaning. Well at least to me. I've had my share of my "running days" from being afraid to face the truth because it would definitely hurt me the most to running away from heartbreaks, etc, etc.. Blah blah blah...

But hey, I am not talking about that kind of running. I meant running as a sport (naks!)..

I finished my first run for the year 2010. I joined the recent 2010 Century Tuna Superbods Run at the Fort. Time is.. errrrr.... hmmmm... does it even matter? Hahahaha:).....

Without further ado, here are the pics from that run. Special mention goes out to my good friend, Ryan Nuñez for the photos. He does take good pics.. I am impressed:)

Here's Ryan the man before we shifted our focus to the gunshot!


A view of the stage...


And I even managed to use my Blackberry minutes before we heard the gunshot (it was Meg I was talking to!)


And what a joy to see beautiful, gorgeous people..


And ooppps.. I just have to say that I've met my future boyfriends so far..

Here's Mr. Boyfriend#1:


And finally Mr. Boyfriend#2 (sigh! Pero grabe umakbay saken ha.. hmppp! Hahahahhaha!)


One last pic before I go...


Now I am getting ready for my next run....

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"Move on. Be happy. Your bitterness and vengeful attitude is slowly killing you."

Kinilabutan ako. Tama sya. Bakit nga ba kailangan minsan ang tao may tendency na maging bitter sa buhay. Naisip ko human nature yung masaktan at maging negative minsan. Pero dapat isipin natin na di kailangang ma stuck tayo sa ganung sitwasyon. Kailangang tapusin ang pag iyak, pahirin ang luha.. Mabuhay muli.

May episodes din ako ng bitterness. In fact, sa sobrang pag acknowledge ko sa feelings kong ito, minsan mahirap umalis sa ganung state of mind. At minsan pa, di mo na mahanap ang daan pabalik. Nawala ka.. Hinanap mo ang daan pero nagpaikot ikot ka. Naligaw. Nadapa. Hanggang tuluyan ng malito kung san nga ba patungo.

Simple lang naman ang mga sinasabi nila na gamot sa bitterness. Mag move on ka. Napakadali sabihin, pero sobrang effort gawin.

Pero share ko lang mga ginawa ko when I got stucked with bitterness:

1. Nagpaalam sa minamahal at sinabing ayaw ko na. Na ako ay lalayo na.
2. Binura sya sa YM pati cellphone number nya, hahahahaha:)... Oo na, ganun ako ka bitter.
3. Iniwasang i check ang FB nya. Baka ano pa makita ko eh (natakot ang lola nyo).
4. Dedmahin ang mga attempts nya to communicate with me.
5. Umiyak habang nagbibihis ng pajama while getting ready to sleep.
6. Umiyak ng bonggang bongga habang nag pi pray kay God na sana matapos na itong episode na to sa buhay ko.
7. Nakipagdate ng madalas kahit di ko naman masyado type (sa isip ko, pede na kesa wala:))
8. Nag aral ng ibang skill basta maging busy kunwari.
9. Binura lahat ng mga messages sa cellphone ko.
10. I block sya sa phonebook ko pero after a while na realize na sumosobra naman yata ang kapraningan ko.
11. Iyak ulit this time, mas malakas na habang patulog.
12. Iyak pa ulit.
13. Nag try ulit ako umiyak- baka sakali mapagod na ako.
14. Finally nagsulat sa kanya, at sinabi na maling mali ang decision to let him go kasi mabigat sa dibdib ang magtanim ng sama ng loob.
15. Natuwa kasi tinaggap nya ang sorry ko at sinabi na hindi nya ako iiwan kahit anong mangyari. Yehey!

Tama sila, hindi dapat nagtatanim ng sama ng loob. Pag nakapag isip isip ka na at na realize mo na hindi yun ang tamang solusyon sa dilemma mo, you will be surprised to discover that inner strength you have to continue living.

Maliit lang ang mundo. Wag na nating paliitin pa sa mga bagay tulad ng bitterness. Masakit sa dibdib. Hindi nakakatulong.

Life is beautiful. Learn to forgive-- which also translates into forgiving yourself for making stupid or irrational decisions.

Pagpapatawad. Mahirap. Pero nagawa ko.

I am sure, kaya nyo din.

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Bati na kame ni Panget... Salamat naman!

Bati na kami ni Chekwa!!! Nag away kasi kame after Christmas.

Actually, ako naman nang away as usual. Hindi ko hobby to make "away" him kasi mabait talaga siya. Ako lang talaga yung may topak minsan. Oo, nakikita ko na ang 7 signs of aging! Dapat yata dalas dalasan ko ang paggamit ng Olay Total Effects ng mabawasan ang aking "sumpong":)..

Nagbabasa kasi ako ng book kahapon, which talks about asking forgiveness sa mga taong nakasamaan mo ng loob so sabi ko maitext nga.. Di ko sure if magrereply sya pero happy naman ako kasi nagreply sya again.. Waiting time is less than 1 minute. O di ba, mahal pa rin ako ni Panget.

Matagal na kaming di nagkikita ni Chekwa eversince bumalik na sya ng China. Mahal pamasahe eh, pero we remained good friends despite of our distance. Saka madalas sya mag travel sa mga 1st world countries na.. Medyo matagal na nyang dine dedma ang mga third world countries tulad ng Pinas. Pero lagi kame nag uusap. Lately nga lang hindi kasi napapadalas ang aking "sumpong".

Di naman talaga ako topakin, minsan lang talaga ugali nya ung dedmahin mga sinsabi ko minsan. Kultura nya naman kasi not to express emotions sometimes.. Yun madalas naming pinag aawayan. Gusto ko syang maging pinoy. Feeling ko gusto nya intindihin ko naman sya like a Chinese girl hehehhehehe... pero wala eh. Character ko na to.. So eventually, we gave up and just accepted each other's flaws.

Cheks, thanks for the gift of friendship and I promise to be your friend till the end of time. Thank you for the many times you put up with me and many times I made you cry because of my being a silly girl.

You are the best.. Kaw na pinaka pogi... Kaw na pinaka cute sa mga Tsinong nakilala ko..

Okay, maybe next to Jacky Chan!

Pero Xie Xie talaga.. And Ni hao na din hehehehehe:)

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Goodbye is Not an Easy Word

Today I had to say goodbye to someone. Not because I wanted to but because it is the best thing to do.

I found myself crying in the bathroom after saying goodbye. They were not tears of regret. They were tears of uncertainty.

Yes, I am uncertain if I did the right thing. But I am hopeful. Expecting with hope that the tears would become less and less everyday.

I gave this person nothing but my blessings.

In life we may never understand the meaning of the word "goodbye" for now... but soon we will.

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