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The Night Before Christmas

I thought I'd be spending the night alone but not!



I knew I'd be spending Christmas alone. In fact, this is probably the 3rd time I have not been able to spend Christmas with my family because of that thing they call "job".

Anyhow, I was bent on snacking on my chickenyjoy and salad I bought on the afternoon of the 24th, and just about 9pm when I was getting ready to dance the night away by sleeping early, I got a message from some guy.

Okay- this guy is just a friend. And I mean just a friend. We are alright. No fireworks. Not even a spark. He is in fact very funny. The only guy I knew who can outtalk me. You heard it right-- he can outtalk me! Seriously he can!

He said, maybe we can spend christmas together since he is also alone. So just before the clock hits twelve, we were dancing like crazy and was laughing so hard I almost died.

It was too late for me to realize I missed some messages/ calls from some people who wanted to greet me in time for Christmas. Cheks has long greeted me in the afternoon of the 24th. In the land of peking duck and congee, very few people celebrate Christmas.

My Heartbreaker also greeted me around 10-ish (pm). I guess he saw what I posted in my facebook that I was spending christmas by myself so he said something like: "Come stay with us.". As if we are not miles away, eh?

So I told him, I am good and I wish him nothing but the best next year. The response I got was: "I wish the same for you too, Bella. From the bottom of my heart."

I didn't text him back after. That is enough for me. Just hearing that he wishes me well make me really happy. I wish that he'd find the right girl for him. And I am taking this with a grain of salt. To say that I'd be happy seeing him with a wife is not something I can promise. In fact- I expect that's gonna sting on me still.

But right now- my heart is ready to love again. And for me to be able to say that, I had to let go of an old familiar feeling.

My Heartbreaker deserves a better kind of love, even more than what I can offer.

I do, too. We both do.

So on the night before Christmas, I said to myself: "Grazie, Lord. Now, I can feel my heart again."

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The Boy

Blast from the Past


Photo courtesy of http://www.staleywise.com/collection

How do you call that kind of crush you had when you were 17? Puppy Love? I am not really sure. But for now for the purpose of this discussion, let me call it "puppy love."

I was I think 17 when I had a huge crush on some boy from school. I was in college. We were friends and went to few classses together. He was majoring in Management and I was taking up Accounting. And one night during some "bayle" or a night of dance as I may put it, he managed to distance me away from our friends.

And so we were there in the beach, through the sands and the pale blue moon, we were seated next to each other. Facing the salt water, he seemed so nervous. What can you expect from seventeen year-olds anyway?

Then he started being fidgety. And before my innocent mind can think what the hell we were doing in the sands away from our friends, he gently touched my hand.

Hands locked. I knew we were. And I liked the feeling. This boy is genuinely cute, I said to myself. He was softspoken, cool, gentleman and an excellent singer. I had the hots for singers back then:)....

And for some reason- I could not remember the exact line but he said something like he has a crush on me! Finally a boy likes me! And he is uber cute!

And then followed by an innocent kiss-- on my cheek! I guess he was too shy to be bold and kiss my lips!

But I was too young and probably too shocked to decipher it that when he asked me if I like him, I simply said, I don't know.

That was probably the most stupid line I could have ever said at 17. And a year after, he was running after some girls and not after me:(......

And then it hit me: I like this boy. I really do. But twas all too late.

After college, I was hoping to see him again or be friends at least. But we never had the chance. The last thing I heard, he was working south of the Philippines.

Why am I saying these?

Well, I had the rare chance of meeting with a college friend who came back from working overseas. And over pasta and pizza the shock of my life came to me!

That boy is now married for about 2 years. And guess who the lucky girl is: Another girl from the same class!

And you ask again: Why do I have to dedicate a space in my blog for some boy who is already married?

You see, a little more than two years ago, I've seen the same boy during one of my visits to my hometown. He was there smiling at me. I was shocked (again:)).

I didn't have time to stop and say hello. And I lost that chance again.

When I think about it now, it was never meant to be. And just like an old song, my brain told me.

Yes- I remember the boy.

But I could not remember the feeling anymore.

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The Return

Between a kiss and a second chance


Okay- I have a secret. And I haven't told anyone. And I have been keeping this for a while.

And you'd ask why I didn't tell anyone. To be honest, I didn't think it was necessary. Not much of a life-changing event. In fact, I simply categorize it as something that I wasn't proud doing.

I met him during one of my travels. And I am not going to tell where. I'd keep you guessing for now:)..... Not because I am mean and would not like everyone to know but when you thought what you did is something not even worth your time and effort, then you start doubting yourself and eventually forgetting all about it. That's exactly what happened.

And so I was in a place far away from home. Alone. Tired. Opps, make that dead tired. And while on a much need hiatus, I met this man. I wasn't attracted at all in the beginning. I have never been with quite a number of white men. In fact- I was very wary. Very much wary.

And let's just say, we had good food, conversations and company. And we kinda lost track of time. He was nice- at least tried to. And I was nice too, of course!

I knew I said I wasn't that interested when I saw him. During the conversation, I wasn't impressed on how he views life and his ideas I think were not aligned with mine. But everyone is supposed to be different, right?

But I didn't tell anyone that we shared a kiss. Well, he kissed me. Must have been shocked but shouldn't be a kiss supposed to be just a kiss? To cut the long story short, I felt really embarassed kissing him back (but hey- he seduced me, hahahaha:)).....

It felt weird but if it meant nothing to him then I should just play it cool and pretend I always kiss strangers in every place I go, right? And so I did. And that was the last thing I heard from him.

So, although I wasn't very proud of what I did- I needed to forgive myself after. In the deepest corner of my heart, I felt bad after. Not because I kissed him but because to me, I was afraid it will transform in becoming a bad habit.

Just a picture in my thoughts: Me meeting some guy. And it will always end up in a kiss. And then in the conclusion of the trip, I am going to ask myself: "How many men should I kiss before I finally meet the right one?"

So fast forward.... Few nights ago, I was very surprised to hear from him again. And he asked me if he has hurt me in any way. I said, hurt may not be the most appropriate term. I'd like to say I was confused.

Haste is waste. I always hear that. And I am so afraid I am going to forget that everytime I meet a new person. Not because I like speed and the element of surprise but because I want to know whether I'd get the same treatment the morning after. Mind you- most of them ended up like crap. And then I get tired. And then I feel bad. And then I cry and then I stop.

That white man is asking me out for some dinner date. He'll be in town for his next vacation and he said he hopes to rekindle our friendship.

I made no promise. Let's see if he's even worth a second date.

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My Life According to Marcy

Our first meeting after his hiatus


Last Sunday, I had the chance to meet up with my BFF Marcy(pronounced as Marky). Oh how I missed him!

I realized I failed to take a pic of us together so I pulled one from the old files I have. This is not the most flattering picture of us, mind you hahahhahaha:)...


We haven't had the chance to meet for God knows how long since he started getting sick. But the good news is he is getting better!

Over chinese dishes, he asked me about my Beijing trip and how it went. When he asked how is Cheks, I told him he is very well. Then I started showing him some pics from my last trip. And a little surprise caught him!

One familiar face.

So he started asking me questions. So what's up with you and your heartbreaker?

So the story went on how seeing him made me realize that I wasn't that heartbroken as I used to think I was. In fact, it just made me realize how much Panget meant to me. Not because I still want to pursue my love affair with him but because my favorite person is the kindest, most gentleman and nicest person I've ever met.

So how was your heart after seeing your Heartbreaker? He asked again.

I said, I finally got my freedom. I used to be so scared losing him but seeing his face made me feel weird but sure of my feelings.

Then towards the end of our dinner, here's his assessment of my recent life and I am writing this according to his own words:

  • Heartbreaker must be surprised to see me living a good life.
  • He cannot see the same girl who fell in love with him some 2 years ago.
  • He seemed surprise to know that I am now able to discern whom I care the most.
  • He is still playing the "field". So engrossed in playing that he isn't aware he is still playing the same game with me even after 2 years.

I told Marcy I knew the person who broke my heart never cared for me sincerely. And it was my fault because I kept hoping he will. But he never did.

I guess the worst line one could ever hear is something like this: " I am so sorry that I didn't fall in love with you."

Believe me, I heard that before. Throbbing pain. It sucked.

When I always start doubting myself and I need to feel good, Marcy is one of the people I like talking to. He is not only smart but very tactful. We are opposites. When I speak my mind, I speak the truth even when it hurts. And not all people like that.

Marcy has compassion, strength and wisdom that I really like. And amongst all the very few people who know about my Heartbreaker, he was the only one who said that he thinks the person who broke my heart is still playing the same game while I am not.

I love you, Marcy:)... And thank you for such a great friendship.

See me again soon.


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Deranged and Tired

Of pigs and love


I am writing this from my neatly arranged apartment:).... And I am tired. Really tired after spending time cleaning it!

Yes- I finally had the chance to put my heart and mind to it. Coming from my Shanghai and Beijing trip last week of November, the succeeding weeks were crazy. Really crazy.

Usually when December hits- all I can think of are the sooooo many parties that have been arranged and of course they needed my presence (aha!).... But then again- I could not stand living like pigs for such a long time. So today- after a stressful day at work, I took a nap. Then started cleaning my place 2 hours after.

But prior to that- I had a chance to talk to Cheks and told me he's not gonna be using yahoo messenger for now. And when I asked why, he just simply said, Skype is enough. No problem for me as I am always online on Skype when I am home. But no Skype for me when I am working.

I told Cheks I think I am going to make it a habit to visit China during Thanksgiving for the following reasons:

  • I like the early start of winter because I can walk around without that sweaty face:)
  • De- stress and see new people, new folks, new sorroundings
  • I'd have the chance of visiting my most favorite person in the world
  • My fave person in the world can have the chance to feed me Chinese food while on a visit
  • I'd have the chance to balance my lately stressed life because of my job

Of course, in celebration of Cheks' NR (no reaction) moment, he said: " I am going out for lunch."


I don't know. I have long accepted that he will always be the kind of person to always ignore what I say. And when I needed a reaction, he always does not seem to give it to me (selfish bastard, ah!:))....

But Cheks is Cheks. No matter how much he does that, I get upset for a while but then this person always has his way of making me forget he has that habit.

I may always start a fight with him but he has shown me greater things in life. When I am starting to lose my cool because I am mad, he would always be relaxed and ignore my outbursts!

But believe me- we have learned to accept each other despite our own derangement. And that no matter how much he ignores me when I start becoming such a drama queen, his actions still point to the fact that he cares for me.

There is this kind of love that are shared by two familiar people. It's not even called romantic love. It's way beyond that.

In our hearts, we know we share that kind of love.

Yes- even when we are old and eighty.

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The Suitor 2

Due to popular request by Mader Sarah


Syempre pa at di napigilang mag comment ni Mader. Habang nasa Glorietta ako at pakalat kalat, super text siya. Same din ang reaction nya sa akin.


Actually, sa lahat ng lalaking napaugnay sa akin (naks!:)), favorite yun ni Mader Sarah. Feeling siguro nya natatangi ang pag ibig ni Kuya sa akin. In fairness naman kasi, nakailang bagyo na mula ng una kameng magkakilala ni Kuya pero wag ka, mahal pa rin daw nya ako. Makailang beses ng humaba at umikli ang buhok ko pero andyan pa rin si Kuya.

Tinakbuhan ko man sya, di sya sumusuko. Yun siguro ang mga katangian na nagustuhan ni Mader sa kanya. Minsan, nagkausap kame ni Mader at napilit nya akong ipakita ang picture ni Kuya na ninakaw ko lang naman sa facebook. Pagkakakita niya eto lang ang nasabi nya:

"Bakit naman malayo? Parang ayaw magpakita ng muka kaya nag shades." Ang sagot ko: "Maigi na yung ganyan mader baka magbago pa ang suporta mo sa kanya."

Di ko din alam bakit ang dalas ko maumay kay Kuya. Maldita din ako minsan pero mabait pa rin naman ako eh. Kahapon nung nagtext ulit sya sa akin.

Dahil nung isang araw ay spaghetti yung sinasabi nyang isusubo sa akin, nahuhulaan ko na na baka palabok naman ngayon. O di kaya Pancit malabon. Pero mas matutuwa cguro ako if sabihin nyang sotanghon. Masarap kasi yun eh.

Nung mabasa ko ang text walang sinabing pansit, palabok or sotanghon. Sabi ko tuloy sa sarili ko: "uy- baka naman mga kakanin ang isusubo nya sa kin ngayon."

Pero hindi pala.

Sabi ni Kuya:

"Hi Jo, musta ka na? Sana mag ingat ka at wag kang magpapagod ha. Kain ka na po."

Nagtimpi ako. Hindi dahil nag expect akong masubuan ng pansit or spaghetti. Kundi dahil parang nakita ko ulit sa peripheral vision ko na gusto ko daw talagang pumatay ng tao.

Nilayo ko ang fone ko sa akin. Nilagay sa kasuluk sulukan ng bag ko. Patience is a virtue.

Pero wala, ginupo na ako ng init ng ulo. Kaya napatext ako kay Kuya.

"Hi- I hope you don't get offended pero I think your messages are cheesy. Pwede mo ako itext pero wag na yung mga cheesy messages kasi ayaw ko ng ganun. Thanks!"

Ang sagot ni Kuya: WALA!

Na shock siguro sa katarayan ko.

Hahahahaa... Finally susuko na yata siya.

Ang saya ko. Sobra.:)

Kakain na ako ulit ng spaghetti..:)

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The Suitor

Naligaw nga ba?


May isa akong manliligaw. Teka, sya nagsabi nyan ha- hindi ako. Eversince naman, ayoko ng nililigawan ako. Dating is supposed to be relaxed, mutual and fun, right? So not until sabihin nya na nanliligaw sya, hindi ako assuming na gusto nya ako.

Anyways, I think 6-7 years ago (if my memory serves me right), nanligaw na to saken. Nung una akala ko, friends friends lang. Kasi naman, friend din sya ng younger sister ko so when we met in Manila, pinakisamahan ko naman. Sabi kasi ni Sis eh mabait naman. In fairness, may tama sya.

Mabait naman si Kuya. Pinapakain nga ako everytime inaaya ako lumabas. Nung una sa FrenchBaker. Lasagna ang order. Mga bata pa kame nun kaya sosyal na pag kumain ka sa frenchbaker, hahahaa..:)

Kumain din yata kame sa Wendy's sa may Boni. Dahil nga night shift ang lola mo at puyat, di napigilang mag rice. Aba, matatapos na ang chicken ko, si kuya ay 1/4 pa lamang ang nakakain. Hiyang hiya naman ako sa laki ng muscles ko sa muscles nya di ba.

Pero dedma na. Tutal friends lang naman talaga turing ko sa kanya eh. Panay text saken. Dati tinatawagan pa ako neto every lunch para sabihin kumain na ako. Sweet noh?.... Hindeeee! Bakit kamo? Eh nightshift nga ako di ba, pag nagising ka sa tanghali dahil sa ring ng telepono tapos yun lang mariririnig mo, baka maisip mong pumatay ng tao!

Nung isang beses na nagsabi na sya na: "Liligawan na talaga kita."... Natakot ako. Sobra. Hindi dahil sa kung anu pa man. Kundi natakot akong sabihin na friends lang talaga ang gusto ko kay Kuya.

Dahil bata pa naman ako, naglaho na lang ako ng parang bula. Change number. Change residence. Ayan- di na nya ako nahanap.

Two years ago, nahanap nya email ko, then nag email saken. Dedma.

Eto ka na, nahanap ako sa facebook. May nag add saken. Si kuya pala. Nag isip ako, if I'll add him back. Mga 1 week after ko sya inadd.

Gusto ko na nga maging apologetic sa paglalaho ko dati kaya binigay ko naman number ko nung hiningi nya. Nung una sya magtext- dedma lang ako. After a week nagtext ulit. Nag reply naman ako.

Ganito usapan namin:

Kuya: Musta ka na, Jo. I hope you are okay.
Me: I am well. Hope you are too.
Kuya: Jo, pwede ba tayo magkita?
Me: I am only free on weekends eh.
Kuya: okay lang yun basta magkita tayo. Sana wala ka pang bf.
Me: I am dating but no bf.
Kuya: Sino po ka date mo? Baka maunahan ako nyan ha (duh, ano daw???!!!!)
Me: Not exclusively dating anyone. Friends muna.
Kuya: Jo, I hope malaman mo na sincere talaga ako sayo, and never kita lolokohin. Ang tagal ko na sayo pinaparamdam sayo pero lagi mo akong pinipigilan.
Me: Basta gusto ko relax lang. Friends muna tayo.
Kuya: Bakit Jo, ayaw mo ba magkapamilya?
Me: (no response)
Kuya: Mahal talaga kita, Jo.
Me: (tulog na... ZZZZZZZZZZ)

The next day:

Kuya: Jo, meryenda tayo, lika. Subuan kita ng spaghetti.
Me: (Deadma sa banga!)

Actually gusto ko pumatay ng tao ng mabasa ko text nya hahahahaa.. Subuan daw ba ako? Sabi ni mader eto dapat sinagot ko:

"Asan na ang spaghetti? Pag walang dumating na spaghetti ngayon, wag ka na magpakita kahit kelan!".

Nauumay ako. Sobra.

Sabi ko, yung mga dati kong di type- bibigyan ko ng pag asa.

Pero if ganito naman ang magtetext sayo, kakain ka pa ba ng spaghetti?

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Buon Compleano

I turned a year older and wiser... and this time fierce(r)...



Hey- it's my birthday. I know I turned a year older and I hate it when I start losing track of how young I am.

But this birthday is a lot different. I am singing a different tune. You see- so far I got the best birthday gift to date. And the person who gave it to me was the person who broke my heart.

It's called freedom. Freedom from the pain of a broken heart. Redeeming oneself is tough and just seeing the face of the man who broke my heart made me realize that my heartbreak is finally over. In fact, I am more ready to post something in my apartment's door something which reads like this:


You see, before all these things happened, I was too reluctant to even go out on a date. Meeting another guy seems to be far fetched. I was so busy focusing on how heartbroken I was that I missed out the chances of meeting other single men.

I was sad but never sad enough to have a good time. But deep inside me, I was broken. I needed a fix that no one seems can cure me. And now I know why. It's because only the man who broke my heart can cure it.

I am healed from having a broken heart. I am alive, still kicking and will continue to believe that love is true.

In many times that I almost gave up on love, God gave me more reasons to believe on the power of it.

I am still going to believe in love no matter what!

I am free.

And I am me.

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My fave city to date

all seasons in one day -2 °C

Here are the pics I had from Beijing. I am happy to be back. But just like any story, it has to end.

But hey- I am still hopeful to get a chance to be back. Who knows, very soon? Fingers crossed.









Now you know why I keep on coming back:)....

Ni hao everyone!

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Lessons from Beijing

Life is like a book... If you don't travel, you only get to stay in one page.

I just came back from my Beijing trip. I've been to Beijing quite few times but so far, my last trip was full of realizations. More to say- I felt like I came back a whole new person.

You see, for the last few months of my life, I was struggling to find answers. I was in constant quest for balance and always in need of a hiatus. I almost didn't plan to make this trip because I didn't have much time to plan. Little did I know, fate has a little surprise for me.

More than a year ago- I had my heart broken. Really broken that I could not see it in one piece. I see it scattered all over places. I can not see love on its purest form. There was no one to be blamed except myself. When they say that we don't choose the person to fall in love and love chooses us, it is half true. But what I didn't know was that I always had the choice how to fall in love.

Rejection is a very strong word. In fact, just to hear it, it breaks my heart to pieces.

Unrequited love. That's how I remembered it. I felt used. I felt like a mess. I lost my way. I could not find it back. So for many months, I was in constant struggle.

But I was so surprised to know I had the strength to cope up with this kind of milestone. I had always thought I am the most sincere person one could ever met. When my hopes are not met, I feel trapped. And it takes me a while to understand the feeling. Because I always want to stay positive, I tried all my might and power to hold on to that feeling.

And so I got lost even way way farther.

But being in Beijing taught me many lessons in life. These are only those which I can remember:

  • Friendships
  • Time
  • Letting go
  • Forgiveness (which means forgiving yourself for making not so right decisions)
  • Move forward

Few days ago, I was not sure whether I want to stay in that kind of feeling of being trapped. But just seeing the face of the man I used to care about made me realize that I have been punishing myself for nothing.

When I saw him, I was just so happy that kind of feeling is over. And even without talking about how hurt I was and how much it has changed my life, I felt that was unnecessary. The timing was perfect. And I really thought I lived a good life.

The sight of him made all sense to me now. God wanted to teach me a lesson. A lesson so big I had to learn it only after 2 years.

The pain is gone. And no matter how much I search for that tiniest pain in my heart- I could not seem to find it. And all it takes was just to see the face of the man who broke my heart.

All I can feel is joy. Joy- because it is finally over. And that I can start all over again.

I am just so happy I had the courage to forgive myself for loving the person who is not right for me. And that no matter how much I messed up, I can start all over again.

And it was not this person's fault. It was mine.

I like the word, "beginning" because it means I am about to start something new. This time I have the chance to make it right. I can't promise to be perfect but I can only swear to be good.

I guess I am just so ready to fall in love again.

Hopefully this time, it will be the right one.

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Shy Si Chekwa

Syempre, as always...

all seasons in one day

Unexpected pero nasa Peking siya. Then nilibre pa ako ng lunch. Sino naman ako para tumanggi? Hindi noh. Syempre gutom ako, hehehhe..

Shy type yan si Cheks so di ko muna papakita mukha nya. Baka batukan ako. Pero, sya na yata ang pinakamabait na taong nakilala ko sa buong buhay ko.

Over chinese dishes, at negative temperature, wala na akong panahon pa magsalita at umarte. Basta kain na lang ako ng kain. Tingnan nyo naman. Wala pa yung noodles dyan ha. Parang yun yung "rice" namin.

Galit galit muna. Ang magsalita-- panget:)





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Shanghai Crib

Small but terrible

overcast 3 °C

Here's how my hotel looked like in Shanghai. Small. But Sweet.

When it was freezing outside- there I was, watching TV wearing short shorts hahaha!





But then again, I saved the best for last. Welcome to China!


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PVG- PEK via China Eastern Airlines

Self check in? Try China.

overcast -3 °C

After 2 nights in Shanghai- I got off at 4am in the morning to catch a flight from Shanghai to Beijing. This one is an easy breezy process. Now you ask why. You see, when Cheks told me I just need to show my passport at the counter if I get to Shanghai Hongquiao Airport, I thought this is really cool. No ticket- no anything! And I said to myself: "Really?"

Actually even cooler. Not literally. But when you get to Hongquiao airport, you will see their booths and you can self check-in. Which means, you can select your seat and need not be assisted by someone at the check in! Coolness!

You just need to drop by your luggage at a certain counter. But it took sometime for the luggage check in counter to open. The French guy started murmuring something in French due to boredom and I just kept quiet.

There were also 3 instances that 3 sets of people tried to speak to me in Chinese prolly asking if that was the right check in for the Beijing flight. Okay, yeah, I look like Chinese but you must know I am the fake one.

Here are some of the pics at Hongquiao Airport. I purposely edited the pic not to show my name on my boarding pass..:)






Up next: Beijing pics. See yah soon! Xie Xie:)

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Shanghai Baby

My Shanghai adventures and (mis)fortune

all seasons in one day -3 °C

Hey Everyone- I spent 2 nights in Shanghai and just got here in Beijing.

True to its word, Shanghai is more cosmopolitan and has its own charm. When I arrived midnight at Pudong Airport, a cab driver tried to rip me off. When I hailed a cab (because buses are history after midnight), I immediately sensed something wasn't right.

First of all, the cab driver knew I wasn't Chinese and probably thinking: "She looks oriental alright, but nah, she's still could not speak any chinese." So when I gave him the map of my hotel, the meter was just too fast, when we reached the hotel in Huahai Road, my bill came in at 364 RMB.

So I asked the driver to wait outside and spoke to the receptionist. I asked her how much it would cost for a taxi from PVG airport and to the hotel. Around 200 RMB she said. I asked her to talk to the driver after getting my luggage and gave her 200 RMB. I asked for my "fapiao", that's receipt in Chinese. I told the receptionist I am not going to pay that much for a taxi. I could even reach Baguio City with that moolah.

It was an exchange of chinese all over but the driver ended up leaving with only 200 RMB, hehehhee.. When I told Cheks about this, he told me: "You are smart!".. (And was hoping he'll add: "Not just another pretty face, harharhar!")

But overall, I enjoyed my Shanghai trip...















I am in Beijing right now- and I am close to being dead. Even colder than Shanghai.

Two words: Good luck.

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Break Away

Beach. Beach. And more beach!


I had fun while my feet felt the sand. Rough. But always a familiar feeling. God- I missed the feeling of being away even for a day.

I've been here. With some good people I know in my XX years of existence. I had fun. And I will miss Helen too:)...






I will miss you Helene & Collin. May you have a fantastic time in Singapura.

To Alfred- thanks for taking four guests in your lovely home. And Imee- you are my alter ego of my writer's ego.

Thank God for friendships!

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