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Exclusively Dating (E.D.)



I always wonder why people abuse this term so much that I am getting confused what it actually means. I guess for someone as complicated as I am, this will make my brain hurts.

So what does exclusively dating means?

Ehow.com defines it as:

"Exclusively dating someone means that both parties have agreed to only see each other romantically. They have severed any other romantic ties and are not accepting new suitors. They are monogamous and present themselves as a couple to the world. Oftentimes the title of boyfriend or girlfriend is attached to the significant other."

Hala. Wala pa pala ako sa exclusively dating na level hahahaha. My brain hurts now. And so is my heart. Sometime ago, I asked someone I've been seeing more often if we should stop seeing each other because we were spending so much time together I was getting scared I might actually fall in love with this beautiful boy.

He said, nope. Let's just see where it would take us. Live for the moment and enjoy the journey.

The truth is- I cannot date no more than one person at a time. I don't need all these never ending supply of men in my phonebook scrolling my fone every weekend whom to hang out with. I need just one boy. At least at a time.

I always say to Baba that no matter how much he tries not to hurt anyone, if he continuously date two ladies at a time, he'll end up hurting them two. And he says, he is going to do something about it. Aja, Baba:)..

And so I got tired. I mean- that wasn't the kind of relationship I hoped for myself. And not to mistake that as being clingy but I am just some girl who knows my worth.

I deserve a more sane creature I guess. The one who wouldn't use the term exlcusively dating and instead ask me if I am willing to see only him until we both say quits.

I maybe complicated, half crazy, blunt and much more but I am a good person deep inside. And this goes without saying I am worth a catch (naks!)... Sabi nga namin ni JB, takot siguro sila sa tulad namin na maganda, matalino, successful at may pera sa ATM hihihi!

So if you are still wondering why I am still single, please don't ask me.

Ask the boys!

In the meantime, cheers to life!


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Bali Bound



Ciao a tutti!

Yey! I am Bali bound this August. And that is gonna be in two (2) months from now. I know I have not said anything about my Bali plans that's because I wanna make sure all's planned before I finally make the announcement.

So far here is my checklist:

  • MNL/SG/MNL= Booked
  • SG/Denpasar/SG= Booked
  • Bali Hotel= Booked
  • Bali Tour= Booked
  • Sunblock, luggage and guts= All ready!

There was a recent incident of harrassment (2 Pinay travellers) at Bali airport which made me extremely nervous. These two girls were on the same flight I am going to take. And just imagine my heartbreak to read their horrible experience from these abusive Indonesians. And so I was contemplating not to come but the flight tickets to Bali had been booked as early as February and there is an on-going diplomatic protest from the Philippine government to Indonesia so I can only hope there is a better treatment for Filipino travellers next time.

You see, I am traveling alone which makes me a very good target for harassment of some sorts but luckily, I never had one (Please Lord, spare me from these kind of people). I've been to a number of airports but the heavens have been very nice to me. I hope it will continue till I am 80, lol:)... One of my very good friends (Ryan) will also be in Bali at the same time (though he's flying from KL to Bali) but he'll be there when I fly to Denpasar so I feel a little relieved now. But mind you- we talked about doing our own thing while in Bali ahahaahha!

So far, I have yet to book my SG hotel as I plan to have my own room hehehee... During my last trip in SG, I was fortunate to have been invited to stay at Helen & Colin's apartment. But this time, I don't want to bug them too much since I will be there most on weekdays so I figured I want to stay in a reasonably priced and decent accomodation.

Oh- I just can't wait till it's August!

Ci vediamo!

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MUA Gigs


Hey Everyone, I know I had been soooo busy with this thing called "job" but I realized I have not been able to post the final pics of the recent photo shoots I did.

Keeping this MUA while I have a full time job is tough. In fact, there were some instances that I had to say no to some MUA gigs some people had generously offered me to paint their faces either because of location and or lack of preparation. I have to say that I also dabble into styling in some of the shoots we did so I really need to be genuinely prepared or else I'll be doomed.

Photography: JRNunez
MUA: Moi

  • Model: Bibo Bayona

Bibo hosts, acts and models. Now you say wow! Yeah. He does all of that.



  • Model: JB

JB is one of my BFFs and we literally spend every weekend together except when I am travelling or when there are prior commitments. But so far we like spending weekends together and we are really like sisters!





Till my next shoot!

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Broke But Happy in SG


I just came from a nice trip in SG and I was so impressed that I kinda liked Singapore. I wasn't expecting to be wowed but I was!

We made a side trip to Johor Bahru in Malaysia and visited famous places in SG like Universal Studios, Marina Bay Sands, Sentosa, etc. I guess if I decide one day to work as an overseas worker, I am voting for SG simply because everyone is impressively disciplined and polite.

I made few shopping on the side and online as I checked my bank account, I was surprised to see I spent much more than I expected. Ouch. I know. Awwww... Okay- being there was just in time as it was the start of the Great Singapore Sale and everyone knows I like to shop.

So here are some pics from that trip:









And to highlight the day I shopped till I almost dropped in SG, I found this very nice caption of what I really wanna say to those who always say something about me being a shoe fan:


Hmmm.. I hope that says it all.

Till my next adventure!!!!!

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The Road is Now Too Small


Photo from:www.worldhum.com

Photo from:www.worldhum.com

Prior to the shoot, JB and I had some girl bonding. She has been my constant weekend date for years now. And since I live alone and her sister lives with her plus we live in the same area, it is never that difficult for us to meet.

So there we were having late lunch one Saturday afternoon and we were talking about our jobs, heartbreaks, God's plan and whatever we can talk about. And then she said: "Alam mo naman tayo, ang pangarap lang naman natin ay makatagpo ng tunay na pag ibig."

Translation: "We only wish for one thing and that is one true love."

And so I was ready to give my two cents. Over sisig and pinakbet, I told her, "You see, I've had three (3) relationships with the boys I liked and in fact my heart wanted a fourth one. But then maybe God does not want me to have another one."

And I elaborated how I came up with this conclusion because after my 3rd attempt, it took me about 2 years to be able to finally move on. And the last one took a huge toll on me that when I was able to finally see this man, I felt so funny deep inside for being such a loser and miserable for gruelling 24 months of my life. What a waste, lol. But I am not changing anything. If I have to live my life all over again, I still want to meet this man in that lifetime but hopefully would not be as crazy as I used to be hoping I should know better.

My heart truly desires a loving relationship but God does not want me to. And so I embraced that "gift". I call it a gift because as Carrie Bradshaw would say: "The best relationship you could ever give yourself is the one that you have for yourself."

And so for now, I have accepted the fourth one won't come. At least not yet.

And who knows He might just change his mind and then send me one. I have outlined my life in such a way that I will be with no one else at this point or in the next years to come.

And do you think I am ready? There is a little protest going on in my heart but soon she'll be over it. Acceptance is long process and never easy to begin with. There is no sense in making things work out if clearly it doesn't. And while I do some little convincing, I realize I am more at peace now.

Or who knows, God is cooking something and wants to surprise me or just wants me to be patient and wait.

So I am taking this with a cup of hope. When the next boy comes to me and tell me: "Hey girl, I am number four."

Oh my God. I know he's the one.

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Shoot for JB


I have been extremely under heavy stress these weeks and days and so far the only thing which makes me happy are....... COSMETICS!

I have always been a a fan of make up mainly because I can't wear too much of them due to some personal reason (hahaha!) so I figured if I can't wear them in full blast then why not paint other's faces?

My next project after Irene's pre nuptial photoshoot was my close friend JB. Indoor shoot and didn't have so much time preparing for the shoot but she's pretty to begin with and I don't like keeping her face very busy.

In any case, here are the official photos from that shoot:

Photography: JRNuñez
Hair & Makeup/ Styling: Moi
Location: Manila




And I figured, might as well post some BTS (Behind the Scenes) photos so here are some of them. All photos from my DC:




Ryan has yet to post the rest of the official shots but until then, hold your horses, eh?

Ciao everyone and happy painting and curling hihihihi:).....

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Love is Rare

Diary from my latest shoot


I had the chance to be invited as a makeup artist for a pre-nuptial photoshoot somewhere in QC.

Bride: Irene Z.
Groom: Zander H.

Photos by: JRNuñez
Makeup/ Styling: Moi (of course!)

Before (don't kill me, Irene:)):


The works....



Actual Shots....




This is my favorite shot so far!


Side by side:

Side by side

Side by side

But of course- I wouldn't let the day end without trying my luck as a model sans makeup!


Now- you tell me what you think!

Ciao a tutti:)!!!!!

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The Diary of an Amateur Painter

I am going to eat, breath and smell make up for the next 12 months...


Not that kind of painter. Nah.

The truth is, I am painting people's faces. With cosmetics.

I am not kidding. In fact- I finally got my very first photo shoot.

Well anyway, it's better I just let the photos do the talking, eh?

Model: Bibo Bayona
Photography: Joseph Ryan Nunez
Makeup: Me of course (hahaha, lol)!






Now, tell me what you think. Hahahahha... :)

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Detour on Love

The only way I know is straight... Maybe not for long.



I've been following this blog about a girl who chronicles her dating life. She's a Pinay in the US of A. And though I never dated as much as she did, I kinda know where she's coming from. Many times, I want to tell her she needs a serious case of thinking why she always ends up meeting the not-so-right kind of guys.

But who says life is perfect? I mean, even my own life isn't. So who cares anyway?

She has been going out with quite a number of men she met from online dating sites and one day she will write about how happy she was but just like when lightning strikes, all these gorgeous men disappear.

And yes, there is sex involved. And I always wonder whether sleeping with a man you just met (but felt great connection with) is a bad idea. I mean, all books would say: No, don't ever think about undressing in front of a man you just been with for few hours.

I like this girl because she's so real but vulnerable most of the time. She dates men and then has the habit to romanticize a lot. Alright- maybe she expects too much from these kind of men she slept with but let's face it, it can happen to anyone.

The last entry she wrote talked about how she'll abhor dating men from dating sites if her latest conquest won't be a success. And let's see what's gonna happen next:)...

Which brings me to share what I really feel after my last heartbreak. After my unsuccessful attempt to be an Italian's future wife (lol), I told myself I am officially taking a break from love. I love men, I really do. But I need to buy my time focusing on the things which are important to me rather than running after someone who is not in love with me.

So, these days, I guess I am not really looking for love. I am keeping the same mantra like most men: To have fun without the hassle of a serious commitment!

Hahahaha! Okay- before all you people lose your cool with my statement above, I am going to say why. I didn't mean I will sleep with every man I will be with.. Okay- I will try to be very, very, very picky hahahaahahaha! (mum don't read this, please, I am just kidding, lol).

For 2 yrs, I was in love with a man and it wasn't the best feeling I had because there was rejection and pain. And I don't like to fall in love in the same way that I did to this man! Never again.

I like to be free. Like the girl whose dates were disasters 95% of the time, I got tired. And now that I am not in love with anyone, I am liking this feeling. I have more objectivity in most things that I see and feel. I am going to take care of my heart and I am not going to give it to anyone just like that.

So, if ever you are a guy and you plan on dating me, you can ask me out anytime. And after a night cap when you walk me to my door, you'll say: "Good night, it was a wonderful night. Let's keep in touch."

I'd look at you and tell you: "Only if you do."

Happy St. Valentine's everyone:).......

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I Said No to China

Not going to China? Then go some place else!



Last year, I had extra ticket to Beijing and decided to use it this February 2011.

The reason: I wanted to see Cheks. But recently, I just had a change of heart.

Not going to China anymore. I guess no reason for me to be there for now because he's not talking to me for some reason. And I am clueless why he wont talk to me!

Okay, he's probably busy I guess but I feel there is something more than that. Just too bad that I had to cancel this trip because if I won't, then I would be roaming the city with a heavy heart knowing that someone very dear to me hates me for now:....

And since my favorite Chinese is not in good mood to see me I guess, then I would have to defer my trip.

I'm going to miss my fave city big time.

But not until I have a very good reason to hop on that plane to Beijing, I am staying put.

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Ocean Trip

Under the sea adventure


"A trip to the ocean is always worth it."- JMM



I can't talk much right now. Just elated to finally see very nice sea creatures.




I swear I am taking my nieces and nephews this summer!

Thumbs up!

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The Sandwich Experience


"A baguette (pronounced /bæˈɡɛt/) is "a long thin loaf of French bread"[1] that is commonly made from basic lean dough (the dough, though not the shape, is defined by French law). It is distinguishable by its length, crisp crust, and slits that enable the proper expansion of gases."

I love baguette. I really do. And just love the way it blends with my fave tuna. Weird combination, eh?

Now you ask, why am I writing about bread today?

The reason:


Someone who worries I'd lose weight if I forget to eat lunch gave it to me before I went to work.

And I swore that I'd eat it. And also said I should take picture.

But wait, there's more. I got some free Rexona bottle too (hahahahaha:)!)... Just in case I need a drink. Notice the D.F.M. sticker. By the way, it means "Don't Forget Me". Sweet!


So to my sandwich maker, grazie mille. I am blogging about this to show you I don't refuse a free lunch hihihihihi!

I loved it.

Yum yum.

Ciao a tutti!

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Separation Anxiety



"Why is everyone leaving? "

This was the question in my mind on my way home. I just learned from a friend that she is US bound next month. And though I am very happy, I had mixed emotions as well. This means I am not going to see her for some time.

In 2009- my favorite Skype-date and transient in my cluttered apartment moved to Tokyo. She found love in the land of the rising sun. She is beaming with happiness now. And in my heart- that makes me smile. Finally- she found true love.

In 2010, a friend was also US bound. And whenever I see her, I feel really really happy. That is what her heart truly wants. The reason was also love.

In November last year, while I was in Beijing during one of my travels, Helen(e) and Collin left for Singapore on the day I came back from my trip. I felt sad big time. But I know, I didn't have reason to be sad. Just that I am going to miss her:(...

Alright- I got separation anxiety. Blame it on me. But why is everyone leaving?

I thought of finding my place in the sun somewhere. I thought of leaving Manila and find work some place else. But alas, I am still here. I guess no matter how much I thought that demographics dictate I need to pack my bags and live somewhere else, I could not find the courage to do so.

So why is everyone leaving?

I found the answer while pondering on this thought.

I guess, it's a question I should have never asked myself. It's my mind's misconception afterall.

The truth is, it is me who wanted to stay.

And so I thought everyone left.

But on second thought, I guess I just haven't found the best excuse in going away.

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The Lion City



You are reading it right. I just booked a flight to Singapore to visit Helen(e) and Collin.

So people- I am flying to Singapura in May:)...

They are 2 of my favorite people in this world. I mentioned before on this blog that Helen(e) is like a sister to me.

In November last year, a month after they were married (where I was a bridesmaid), she moved to Singapore with her hubby and in a little over a month, they found a new job!

I am pretty excited with trip as this would be my first time in Singapore.

So Helen(e) and Collin, don't forget to feed me and give me some lovin...

Harharharhar! :).........

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Ten Things I (Kinda) Hate About You

And I am talking to myself again

all seasons in one day

Photo by: http://my.opera.com/Avengeance

You. Yeah- I am talking to myself.

And I am not writing this entry only because I a hate myself for being me. But tell me about one person who likes himself/ herself in entirety.

You know when you heard that no one is perfect right? And I am no perfect either. I guess I am the epitome of someone who has that love-hate relationship deep inside me.

And let me make it clear that I don't abhor myself with the way I am. In fact- I have learned to love my flaws. Imperfection is what keep us trying our very best in achieving that goal.

Okay, back to regular programming, I came up with the 10 things I kinda hate about me:

1. I cry so easily. Seriously. Like my eyes are the fountain of so much water I could fill a room:).

2. I am guilty of overanalyzing someone. Especially when I am interested on a guy. But now, not that often. In fact I promised myself I am going to eradicate this habit in 2011.

3. I am too positive- that I still insist in making things work out when I should have given up long time ago.

4. I don't forgive easily. Okay- I don't get mad every 5 seconds. In fact, I told someone you have to be a very bad man to make me upset. But if you do and I lost trust in you, you gotta deal with it. I can survive not talking to you in the next hundred years.

5. I am straightforward. But this does not work all the time. I lost some people I was interested to get to know only because I was too honest that they thought I was mean. I guess the boys are not yet ready to meet someone like me, eh?:P

6. I sleep a lot. Okay- beat my record: 16 hours!

7. I am shy- sometimes. Really, I am. But people never get a hint that I am. Only because I don't show it. But mind you, I have never worked my magic to a guy sitting next to us in a bar. I think I'd die instantly if I do.

8. I am sensitive. And when I get disappointed, I have the tendency to shy away from this person. But I am working on it, don't worry.

9. I talk too much. Not about myself but I am too afraid of dead air sometimes I am losing my air of mystery (naks!). Hahahahaa..

10. I love deeply. So I get hurt. So deep that it will take me a while to get over it. But I love sincerely. I really do.

Not that I really hate the things about myself but I think the most appropriate term would be these are the things that don't sit well on me.

I am working on it believe me.

Yes, I am a work-in-progress.

You got a problem with that?!!!

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