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On Dogs and Ice Cream

Next please:)



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What?!? Yes- crazy men! Lol!:)

I kinda have a feeling I did something terribly wrong in my past lifetime that I am paying the price now.

You see- I had been meeting the wrong kind of men lately. And I wasn't actively looking for them, I swear.

Two things: Either they landed on my lap or fate dictates that I should be meeting these frog prince(s).

Location: SG
Age: Late twenties
Looks: Dark, Tall, Cute

  • Let's just say yes I thought he was cute and all but then I was kinda feeling something wasn't right.
  • He claims to have moved on from his past relationship in his efforts to keep me from keeping a distance.
  • The story is kind of old story.
  • Heartbroken.
  • Recently single.
  • But claims to me in all our early conversations that he has moved on?
  • Impossible? I know. But who am I to judge him?
  • Then later on he was singing a different tune.
  • Now he claims he still loves her.
  • But wait- he still likes to see me and claims he likes me.

Ending: Ano daw? Duh. Men!~

Location: MNL
Age: 40ish
Looks: Cute, Funny, Charming, Sweet, Smells really good

  • Classic story.
  • Could not commit.
  • Wanted to spend time alone being single.
  • Likes to flirt with women.
  • But claims he is just friendly.
  • He said he wants to keep me, but since I don't really like to depend my happiness to any person except myself, I had to check my brain.
  • I mean I can be happier if I got someone but if he'll be the reason whenever my brain hurts then that is crazy.

Ending: I allowed him to see his "other friends" so to speak.

Have you ever asked yourself why you keep on meeting the wrong set of men? I do too.

Either we allow them to treat us this way or we are simply just hopeful. Hopeful that he'll be the one to make our lives more colorful.

Ladies- not true. We are the exception.

If any guy says he is not ready to commit, he isn't ready to commit. And when he says he has moved on and yet you still see he's posting something on his ex's facebook profile, he's fucking with you.

The next things you need to do are these: Buy ice cream and get a dog.

The ice cream can cool you down and your dog will be the next best thing that can ever be loyal to you.

Ciao a tutti...

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